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Cyclodextrin Products
Soap Beads
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  • Size - 180 micron to 850 micron.
  • Rapid dispersion with excellent uniformity.
  • Perfect spherical geometry.
  • Excellent suspendability in all kind of cosmetic bases.
  • Remarkable safety on skin.
  • No change in Product pH.
  • Compatible with all kind of personal care cosmetic bases.
  • Isolate incompatible ingredients.
  • Improve stability of encapsulated material.
  • Release incorporated actives slowly.
  • Provide dermabrasion for dry 'patchy skin' as well as oily skin.
  • Improve the cleansing properties of soap free gel face washes.
  • Afford a very attractive and wonderful cosmetic appeal.


  • Exfoliating facial scrubs.
  • Body and foot scrubs.
  • Lip exfoliators.
  • Teeth polishers in Toothpastes.
  • Tooth powders.
  • Body talc.
  • Soaps.
  • Face wash gels.
  • Face packs and masks.

A Standardized line of Exfoliating / Scrubbing beads, encapsulating Emollient Oils, Vitamins, Oil Soluble Herbal Extracts and Fragrances etc. Their perfectly spherical matrixes provide tactical appeal and help build confidence in consumer’s mind that the product is not only carrying out its intended function of exfoliation but also delivering active to the skin. The Particle size is between 200 – 400 Micron and bigger particles can be made to order.

Code no. Product Name INCI Name
24-100 Sphera™ Microsphere
Triclosan, Pink
Cellulose, Triclosan, Titanium dioxide,
D&C Red 30
24-102 Sphera™ Microsphere
Neem Oil, Green
Cellulose, Neem Oil, Hansa Yellow,
Hansa Green
24-103 Sphera™ Microsphere
Basil Oil, Green
Cellulose, Basil Oil, Hansa Yellow,
Hansa Green
24-106 Sphera™ Microsphere
Lavender Oil, Red
Cellulose, Lavender Oil, D& C Red 30
24-108 Sphera™ Microsphere
Citrus, Orange
Cellulose, Lime Oil, Orange Oil, Hansa Yellow,
D&C Red 30
24-000 Sphera™ Microsphere
Name of Active
Name of Colour
Cellulose, Any Oil Soluble Active,



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